Monday, 25 February 2013

Valdes Legacy Pt. 1

Hi everyone! My name is Wynd Valdes. I'm flirty, charismatic, divalicious and totally star quality, baby. I also love to sculpt, and the colour turquoise.
  Wynd was raised by her grandparents. After they passed away, she was returned to her father. He was an alcoholic with a gambling problem, and he lost all their savings, and on his untimely death at 45 years old, all she was left with was a piece of land in the far away lands of Setra.
What am I supposed to do with this expensive piece of crap in the middle of nowhere?

 Wynd decided to go out to a nearby club to have a drink, and maybe meet a few people.
Drums are hard okay...
Wynd decided this lounge wasn't exciting enough, so she went to a nearby dance club
Do I have something on my back? Why is everyone staring at me :(
This is the worst. At least with my dad I had a trailer to sleep in.
 Wynd used her remaining funds to buy  some basic furniture... Walls were a luxury she couldn't afford.
Our charming founder managed to score herself a job at the Plumbob Pictures Backlot.  Her lifetime wish is to become a Superstar Actor and reach level 10 in the Film Career Track as an Actress, so she is well on her way.

This place is super creepy at night time.
 After work, Wynd had a spur-of-the-moment decision to go get another tattoo!
Why is she tattooing my arm?! I wanted something on my hip, not my arm!
Afterwards, she went to the local Martial Arts Gym to learn some self defense. The instructor set her up with the training dummy and told her to go nuts.

Fuck yeah, I can wear white now. Aren't I fierce like Gaga?
Turns out Wynd changed her mind about the tattoo and got it on her arm anyway! (Unless that was just the tattoo artist doing whatever the fuck)
Why do you have to post the photos of me doing things like this?
Her income from the film career track is going well! She managed to scrape together enough funds to build a 5x5 shack!

 As Wynd progressed in her Martial Arts skill training, she realised her instructor James Grant hadn't been in for days, and she missed him.

 Upon reaching her green belt, she had a realisation! She didn't just miss him, she had a major crush on him! Wynd called his house phone, to discover he was at work at the fire station.

She went down there, and they had their first kiss.
He's so... Dreamy :3
  Then they went outside to have a picnic in the dark. Classy.

 As the days went by, she visited him at the fire station after work almost every day.
Wynd decided. She couldn't take it anymore! She just needed to spend the rest of her life with him. So she proposed while he was at work. Talk about distracting...

Thankfully, he accepted. They had a private wedding on the stone patio outside her small house.

 And they swiftly sealed the deal, on her bed inside. (At some point she did end up getting the tattoo on her hip that she wanted.)
She called up the travel agency and called for their taxi to the airport! Honeymoon in France, baby.
 At this point this was the only screenshot I actually took of their whole trip. They didn't do much interesting, just visited some wineries and such.

They used the money James brought with the wedding (and also his high paying firefighting job) to upgrade the house a little, with some actual rooms, and a TV!
 Ah, newlyweds. Can't keep their hands off each other.

James calls this the "Jetpack"  
 Whats this? A baby bump?

 James seems really excited!

Stay tuned!

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