Monday, 25 February 2013

Valdes Legacy Pt. 2

Back again? We left off with Wynd announcing her pregnancy to her new husband James!

Wynd is reading up on pregnancy books, being unable to sleep at night with the baby kicking.

Due to her lack of nighttime sleeping, she naps on the couch all day while James tinkers with the TV.

Sooner, rather than later, as she was frolicking in the snow. She feels a sudden wetness! The baby is coming!

James rushes Wynd to the hospital.

Wynd and James are now proud parents of a baby boy named Brendan!

James built a nursery during the long months of Wynd's pregnancy.
Brendan seems to like it!

Wynd gets bored at home while the baby is sleeping.

But when her husband comes home, its time to play!

The House as it is so far.        

It's Brendan and Wynd's birthday!

 That's a lovely bow in your hair, Brendan.
 Wynd's turn! I don't think she's happy about aging up.

Nope, definitely not happy. Look at that frown. Or maybe the frown is for the horrible hair she got.

Brendan the toddler really didn't want to read this story.

Why the long face Wynd? The toilet? Or your ugly hair >:)

She decided to go with long plaits. I think she looks cute.

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